The Impact of Hitler from 1933 to 1941


Hitler becomes the German Chancellor

January 1933

Germany and the League of Nations and World Disarmament Conference

October 1933

Hitler takes Germany out of the League of Nations and the World Disarmament Conference on the grounds that neither would treat Germany on equal terms

Hitler signs a non-aggression pact with Poland.

January 1934

due to fear of Nazi intentions Poland signed the pact

Austria ban the Austrian Nazi Party

June 1934

In fear that Hitler would reunite Germany and Austria.

Hitler declares himself Fuhrer

2 August 1934

Also abolishes the position of Presidency. This marks Hitlers beginning of great power.

President von Hindenburg dies in Neudeck

2 August 1934

This strengthened his power.

Germany begins to rearm on orders by Hitler

16 March 1935

Hitler takes over the demilitarized Rhineland.

7 March 1936

No reaction from the League of Nations

Austria agreed to accept the supervision of its foreign policy by Germany,

July 1936

in return Austria gets sovereignty

Hitler announced his four-year plan to increase domestic production

August 1936

- German economy dramatically recovers

December 1936

Chamberlain invites the German Foreign Minister

May 1937

But Hitler Refuses, because of negative coverage of Nazi Germany in a British newspaper.

Hitler dismisses his economic minister,Shacht

November 1937

because he opposed the pace of rearmament.

Hitler discussed future plans with war minister and military chiefs.

5 November 1937

Their aim: To Conquest East Europe

Hitler and Schuschning met to sign two Nazi's in Austrian cabinet.

12 February 1938

This gave Germany control of Austrian foreign policy.

Nazi-Soviet pact was signed

23 August 1938

Hitler saw it as a temporary measure to frighten Britain and France out of their guarantee to Poland

Hitler makes supporters in Austria to go into frenzy

September 1938

Germany and Hitler invade Czechoslovakia

1 October 1938

Germany invade Poland

1 September 1939

France and Britain declare war on Germany

3 September 1939

Most of Europe is at war


Hitler tries to take over Soviet Union