Korean History Timeline

By Jun Chang


Earliest known Korean Pottery

8000 BC

Yungimin Pottery is found through out the peninsula in the paleolithic era.


2333 BC

Gochosun was the first kingdom established in Korea.

Three Kingdoms Founded (Koguryo, Silla, and Paekche)

100 BC

Korea was initially divided into three kingdoms. Eventually the strongest of the three won out and created Goryo.


926 AD

Koryo is another name for koguryo. Koryo rose from unified Silla. During Koryo Buddhism was spread. Goryo was subject to Mongol control for 80 years.

Chosun Dynasty

1392 AD

The Chosun Dynasty ruled what can be first seen as the emergence of the Korean nation.

Japanese occupation of Korea

1910 AD

THe western powers were imperialistic up to this point. Imperialism is when a country tries to conquer other countries mainly for economic benefits. Japan copied this idea and fought with the Chinese and the Russians. The Japanese even occupied Korea as a colony.

Japanese gets DEFEATED.

1945 AD

Japan lost world war two. As a result they withdrew from Korea. Other nations wanted to influence how Korea's government would shape up so the western power fought against the Russians and Chinese. THis was a fight between democracy and communism.

Korea is divided into north and south.

1948 AD

Korea is divided into north and south.

Korean War

1950 AD

The korean war was largely a fight between democracy and communism. The Korean war was a fight to become independent up to this point Korea was under the control of many foreign nations. Even the war itself had a direct on the type of government established.

Park Chung Hee

1961 AD

Park Chung Hee established a military government he tried to improve the economy and remove political and social chaos. However this government was very strict and he can be considered somewhat a dictator.