10 key historical energy events


First electric Motor

March 14, 1821

Created by Michael Faraday.

Americas first steam locomotive

September 25, 1830

Built by Peter Cooper, was made to convince Baltimore and Ohio railroad to use steam engines.

First electric stove

September 20, 1859

Created by George B. Simpson.

First light bulb

October 22, 1873

Thomas Eddison created the first successful light bulb.

First hydroelectric plant

September 30, 1882

The Vulcan Street plant generated enough energy to operate three buildings and was built in Wisconsin.

First car in America

September 20, 1893

The first automobile was constructed and successfully tested in Springfield, Massachusetts.

First air conditioning unit

February 14, 1902

Created by Willis Carrier in order to keep the muggy air in a printing plant from wrinkling the magazine papers.

Hoover Dam opens

September 20, 1935

Originally known as Boulder Dam, constructed between 1931-1963 during The Great Depression.

First battery

January 1, 1971

Created by Alessandro Volta, laid the foundation of electrochemistry.

First cell phone

April 3, 1973

Invented by Martin Cooper while he was working for Motorola. The first cell phone went for $3500 and it did not sell very well due to the price.