China and Japan


Tokugawa Shogunate

Approx. 1600 - Approx. 1850

Japan's feudal era: They had an agrarian society and a decentralized government. The Japanese were isolated from the world, besides from the Dutch. They could easily be isolated because they're an island. The reason they were isolated was because they didn't want others to influence their society.

Qing Empire

1644 - 1912

The Qing Empire was the last imperial dynasty in China. Towards the 19th Century they had their decline. Their decline was caused by the Opium War, Treaty of Nanjing, and failing to industrializing.

Opium War

1839 - 1843

War between China and Great Britain because China's government refusal to permit the importation of opium in their territories. The British won and established the Treaty of Nanjing.

Treaty of Nanjing


The Treaty of Nanjing gave the British special rights to China. Following the treaty British opened up many trading ports in China. The Treaty of Nanjing allowed the British to get every right China gave to any other country.

Taiping Rebellion


A Christian inspired rural rebellion (civil war) in China that threatened to topple the Qing Empire.

Meiji Restoration

Approx. 1860 - 1912

Time for Japan to industrialize, modernize, and westernize. They adapted a centralized government, western ideas, and Britain's navy. They relied more on western resources during this time. The population was homogeneous.