Chapter 14 Timeline


The Middle Ages

500 AD - 1500

This period of time was known as the "Middle Ages", and it is also notoriously known as the "Dark Ages". This age includes many invasions, the destruction of learning, and the rebuilding of the Church.

Three-field system


The three-field system was a system in which farmers could grow crops on 2/3 of their land, not just on half of it.

The Crusades

1096 - 1204

The Crusades were considered "holy wars", which were called to gain control of the Holy Land

Christian scholars


Many Christian scholars from Europe began visiting Muslim libraries in Spain in order to acquire a huge new body of knowledge

Population of western Europe increases

1100 - 1500

The population of western Europe greatly increased by about 12 million people. The population started at 30 million and then rose to 42 million.

The Magna Carta


In 1215, King John signed the Magna Carta , which was a document that guaranteed certain basic political rights to people of all classes

The Bubonic Plague


During the 1300s, a deadly disease called "black death" or the "bubonic plague" hit parts of Asia, North Africa, and Europe. This disease ripped apart the very fabric of society. It killed 1/3 of the population of Europe.

Hundred Years' War

1337 - 1453

The Hundred Years' War was the war that England's Edward III launched for the French throne.

Joan of Arc


On May 7, 1429 Joan of Arc led the French Army into a battle at a fort city near Orléans.

The Battle of Hastings


In 1466, The Normans and Anglo-Saxons fought the Battle of Hastings