Lone Survivor By:Isaiah Fatigoni

By:Isaiah Fatigoni


Islamic fanatics bombed two states.

August 1998

They bombed Kenya and Tanzania killing mor then 200 hundred people.

Marcus joined the Navy.

March 1999

Marcus was raised on his parents' farm.

Another class recieved their tridents.


Marcus was in that class until he got hurt so was sent to 226.

Marcus was awarded his trident.


Marcus was awarded that for successfully passing his combat training.

Marcus joined Seal Team 5.


Marcus joined Seal Team 5 in Baghdad.

President Bush made an announcment.


He announced that the military part of the conflict was done.

The team attended a briefing of the mission in order to take down the target.

March 2005

The team was Mikey,Marcus,Danny, and Axe.

Mikey was killed by the Taliban a couple of hours after Danny was killed.

June 2005

He had a bullet in his stomach and back. While he was dead, Taliban soldiers came up to his body and shot at his dead body to ensure their kill.

Danny died after many injuries.

June 2005

His thumb was shot off, he had two bullets in his neck making him unable to speak, one bullet in his lowerback and the last bullet to his left side of his face.

Axe was killed few minutes after Danny was killed.

June 2005

He had a bullet on thee right side of his face and a bullet in his chest. His last words were to his wife "tell Cindy I love her."

One of the worst Taliban attacks of the year.


Over twenty people were killed in this bombing attack.

The Navy located their target

June 27 2005

The target committed a series of bombing attacks.

Marcus was still in Afghanistan.


Marcus made allies that took care of him and hid him from the Taliban.

Marcus went back to the Middle East.


He landed at the same base where he landed with Axe, Danny and Mikey.

Danny and Axe were awarded the highest honor.


They were awarded the highest honor a Navy Seal or a Marine could recieve.

Marcus was flown out of the Middle East.


Marcus was flown to Germany.

Marcus redeployed with another team.


He was redeployed into Iraq, and Marcus was still in pain.