Europe and Middle East

Birth of Islam


Formed by Muhammad.

Death of Muhammad


When Muhammed died, people got angry about who would be the next leader. The Arabs continued to go out and spreading Islam.

Holy Roman Empire (Charlemagne)


Ruled over by german kings for 10 centuries.

First Crusade


Christian armies went into Jerusalem and killed everyone to gain their Holy Land back from the Muslims.

Magna Carta signed


Written to limit power of kings and have rules and laws.

Last Crusade


Louis IX dies. Crusade was a failure because he didn’t capture Tunis in the eighth crusade. It also involved the rising power of the mukluks in Egypt.

Beginning of European Renaissance in Italy


This was the start of an era of great artistic and scientific advancements.

Life of Ibn Battuta


Ibn Battuta was a Muslim traveler who loved to explore the world and write about all the different things he saw.

Beginning of Hundred Year’s war- Joan of Arc


The Hundred Years War was a series of wars between France and England over land ownership rights. Joan of Arc was a French martyr who was burned at the stake by England during the wars.

Capture of Constantinople by Ottoman Turks


The capture of Constantinople marked the end of the Roman Empire. This was a blow to the Christian world and a gain for the Muslim world. This was the end of the Byzantium Empire.

Beginning of Spanish Inquisition


The Spanish Inquisition was a religious court that was established by Catholic monarchs. It was responsible for the persecution of Muslims and Jews as well as the imprisonment and torture of those who went against the Church.