Plessy v. Ferguson


Homer Plessy lived in Louisiana and was 1/8 black . He was born on March 17th, 1862.

MAR 8, 1862

The Seperate car act was passed

jan. 1, 1890

Homer Plessy, a 30-year-old shoemaker, boarded the East Louisiana Railroad with a first class ticket, wanting to take a trip to New Orleans. Since Plessy was 1/8 black, he was commanded to ride the bl

Approx. June 6, 1892

On June 7th Plessy sat in the white section on a train even though he was 1/8 black

JUN 7, 1892

Plessy was arrested for riding a whites only railroad car, because he was 1/8 black and Plessy said that law violated his 13th and 14th amendment.

JUN 7, 1892

This 1896 case upheldn the constitutionality of segregation under the seperate but equal doctrine

JUN 9, 1896

Plessy appealed the decision and lost again, but took the case to the supreme court in 1896

OCT 14, 1896

The Supreme Court upheld the previous decisions and said that racial segregation was constitutional if accomidations were equal. This led to more and more legal segregation all over the US.

NOV 14, 1896

Nov 7, 1954, Brown V. Board of education

Jun 7, 1892, Plessy was arrested

Rejecting Plessy's argument that his constitutional rights were violated the court ruled that a state law that "implies merely a legal distinction" between whites and blacks did not conflict with the

JUN 11, 1897

Plessy died March 1st 1925 at age 62 In a dissenting opinion in the words of John Marshall Harland " In my opinion the judgment his day rendered wil in time prove to be quite as pernicious as the dec

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