Iranian Revolution: A Timeline Of

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Pahelvi wants to Westernize Iran

1950 - 1959

The Pahlevi Dynasty, which was the ruling family of Iran before the revolution, is in favor of the general westernization of the country, which would take away from Islamic ideals. The general public does not agree with this decision. The Pahlevi Dynasty, in the time of the Revolution, consisted of Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlevi, commonly reffered to as "The Shah".

Iran becomes Westernized

1960 - 1961

The Shah's plans for the westernization of Iran finally pass through; the process begins and i followed through throughout the 1960's. Westernization includes the improvement of transportation, communication, and industrialization, including the increased production of oil and roads.

Shah begins to execute "revolutionaries"

September 8, 1978

The Shah becomes fed up with so-called "revolutionaries", and begins to execute them. Many of these people were just protestors that were gathering in the big cities, and the Shah gave an order for his military forces to shoot into the crowd, killing many of the protestors. This event was known as Black Friday.

Iranian Oil Workers go on strike

October, 1978

Finally fed up with the westernization of Iran, the oil workers inside the country go on strike, refusing to work for a tyrannical government.

The Shah declares that he "understands the revolution"

November 1978

The Shah, despite his earlier actions, says that he understands the revolution, and is even in favor of it. He does this at a last grab for support, as there is a very slim number of people in the country that still think the Shah should be the leader of Iran.

New Prime Minister

December 1978

Shapour Bakhtiar was elected to be the new Prime MInister

Millions march against the Shah

December 10, 1978 - December 11, 1978

6-9 million people march at the anti-Shah demonstration.

Prime Minister is approved by Parliament

January, 1979

Shah Leaves Iran

January 16, 1979

Khomeni Returns to power

February, 1979

Warmly welcomed back by Iranian citizens

Military turns on itself

February, 1979

Collapses and Revolution is won

Islamic Republic

April, 1979

Iran declares itself an Islamic Republic once more.

Shah Dies

July, 1980

Shah dies in Egypt

MEK bombs IRP office

June 28, 1981

MEK bombs IRP office due to their support for Khomieni.
MEK stands for Mujahedin -e -Khalq.
IRP stands for Islamic Republican Party.

Ali Khomieni now official president of Iran

October 13, 1981