The Abolition of Slavery


Tacky's Slave Revolution

04/02/1760 - 12/01/1761

Not fully surpressed. Over 1000 people died and the fighting caused millions of dollars in damage.

The Courts Begin to Supress Slavery


Lord William Mansfield made a decision in court that basically established that slavery couldn't legally exist in England.

Thoughts Upon Slaver


John Wesley (the father of the methodist movement) published a book that denounced slavery.

Anti Slavery Comittee is Formed


The group planned to abolish the slave trade, not slavery itself because they thought that that was a more realistic goal.

Anti and Pro Slavery Campaigners Put Their Cases to Parliment


Pamphlets were written and lies were told!

Oladah Equainos Bestseller


Oladah Equaino saved enough money to buy himself out of slavery, converted to Christianity and then wrote an extremely detailed autobiography.

British Women Stop Buying Slave Sugar

1791 - 1792

At least 300 000 Britons stopped eating sugar, and even more only bought exclusively from India.

British Public Cries Out Against Slavery


519 petitions against slavery were signed by 390 000 people.

Toussaint L'Ouvertures Uprising Defeats British Army

1793 - 1798

An astonishing defeat.

The Slave Trade is Banned


Slave Uprisings in Bermuda and Demerera

1816 - 1823

Erupted because no gains were being made in the quest for emanciaption. A quarter of the slave crop on some islands was burnt. About 250 slaves died in these revolts.

Immediate, Not Gradual Emancipation


Elizabeth Heyrick published this pamphlet and inspired over 70 ladied anti lavery groups. Mens groups were critisized for being too tame in the fight against slavery.

The History of Mary Prince, A West Indian Slave is published


Thomas Pringle helped Mary Prince publish her story and helped the anti slavery movement gain even more attention.

Jamaican Slave Revolts

1831 - 1832

Over 20 000 slaves revolted. 500 Slaves died and the British grew fearful of revolts.

Parliment Abolishes Slavery


British parliment voted to end slavery.

Slaves Become Legally Free


In the entire empire