60,000 B.C.E to 650 C.E


The Ice Age

11,325 BCE - 9482 BCE

The ice age started on the year 11,325 BCE and lasted approx 2,325 years and killed off all the mammoths and lots of humans.

Ancient Mesopotamia

3500 BCE - 539 BCE

Ancient Mesopotamia was an ancient civilisation that created irrigation pipes to stop their village from getting flooded so they made these pipes which had lowered the flood level from the ocean near them.

The Great Pyramids Built

2630 B.C.E - 2611 B.C.E

The Great Pyramids were made as tombs for the great pharaohs so their spirit would guide them through all the years and through times of need.

Rameses the Great becomes Pharaoh

1279 B.C.E - 1213 B.C.E

In 1282 B.C.E Rameses was appointed prince regnet and was made king in 1279 B.C.E 3 years after his dad died he became prince for 66 years and two months then his son took over his place.

The trojan war

1194 bce - 1184 bce

The trojan war started on the year 1194 BCE and ended in 1184 BCE. The spartans destroyed troy and won the epic ten year war then they declared their land theirs

First Known Olympic Games

776 B.C.E - 393 C.E

The first known Olympic games were held in Ancient Olympia Greece as the Ancient Games and was played as a traditional competitive game to play for entertainment

Spartans were defeated by Thebes

371 BCE - 146 BCE

The Spartans were defeated by Thebes although the war had ended their was still conflict between spartans and persia.

Alexander the great is born

365 B.C.E - 323 B.C.E

Alexander the great was born on 20th July 365 B.C.E. In 356 B.C.E Alexander became King and ruled great Britain, he ruled for 32 years before he died in a great war.

Building of the Colosseum

74 C.E - 80 C.E

The decision of building the Colosseum was made by Vespasian the emperor of Rome. He fully decided on it June 23rd 73 C.E so they started to build it from 74 C.E and they finished it in 80 C.E.

Christianity becomes official religion of Rome

380 C.E

Constantine was the first christian emperor of Rome, it was not until he died that Christianity was a religion in Rome.