The Assault

First Episode

Meets Uncle Peter

January 1945

Anton meets his Uncle Peter at the Western Hospital in Amsterdam. He then went to go live with his uncle.

Anton's House

January 1945

The night of the assault the german's came and torched Anton's house destroying everything.

The Assault of Ploeg

January 1945

Ploeg was riding his bicycle on the street in front of Anton's house when he was murdered. Ploeg was originally lying in front of the Kortewegs but they moved him in front of the Anton's house.

Second Episode

Confirmation of Death of Parents

May 1952

Anton gets confirmation that his parents were killed the night of the assault.

Confirmation of Death of Brother

June 1952

Anton finds out for sure that Peter was shot.

Back to Haarlem

September 1952

Anton was in his second year of medical school, when a friend invited him to a birthday party. While at the birthday party Anton visits his house and the Beumers.

Pass first exams and rent 1st own apartment


Third Episode

Seeing Fake Again


Anton bumps into Fake in front of his house during a riot. While they are at Anton's they fight with each other defending their father's memories. After Fake breaks Anton's mirror and leaves, Anton finds a newspaper in the frame for the mirror.

Pass final exams, begin internships specializing in anesthesiology


Pass final medicals, become assistant anesthesiologist and rent 2nd apartment


Fourth Episode

Meeting Saskia

December 1960

Anton meets Saskia at the Westminster Abbey.

Gets a permanent job and buy a house with Saskia


Shortly after the wedding, with financial help from De Graaff, Anton and Saskia buy half of a two-family house, after Anton has gotten a permanent job.

Married Saskia


Anton sees Truus

June 1966

While Take and Anton were talking they figured out that they had both known the girl in the cell that Anton stayed in the night of the assault. Then Takes shows Anton a picture of her and tells him her name is Truus Coster.

Meeting Cor Takes

June 1966

Anton meets Takes at a cafe after the funeral after reavealing that the assault took place in front of his house. Takes and Anton have a chance to talk about the assault that they wouldn't be able to do with anyone else.

Divorce with Saskia


Last Episode

Marry Liesbeth


The Birth of Peter


Anton had a son and named him after his brother Peter.

Why Ploeg was in front of Anton's House


The Kortewegs moved Ploeg because Mr. Korteweg did not want his lizards to die.