Greek Timeline


Mycenaean Conquest of Minoan Civilization

1450 BC

Minoans begin to weaken.
Mycenaeans conquer Minoans.
Mycenaeans adopt Minoan culture.

Dorian Conquest of Mycenae

1250 BCE

Dorians invade Mycenae and burn down houses.

Trojan War

1194 BCE - 1184 BCE

Paris steals Helen away.
Greeks win.
Greeks get Helen back.

Sparta conquest of Messian Civilization

743 BCE - 710 BCE

Sparta wanted to conquer Messenia.
Spartans win.
Spartans get Messenia

Peloponnesian War(2nd)

499 BCE - 449 BCE

1st Persian War: Battle of Marathon

490 BCE

Darius I wanted to conquer Greece.
The Athenians won.

2nd Persian War

480 BCE

King Xerxes wanted to conquer Greece.
Greece won.

Theban - Spartan war

379 BCE - 371 BCE
Sparta wanted more power.
Spartans lost.
Sparta starts losing power.

Alex the Great: Conquest of Egypt/Persia

356 BCE

Battle of Chaeronea (spelled many ways) - Phillip 2 conquest of Greece Macedonia v Greece

338 BCE
It was between the Macedonians led by Philip II of Macedon and an alliance of some of the Greek city-states led by Athens and Thebes.
Macedonians won.