greek timeline


trojan war

Approx. 1250 bce

the greeks attacked the trojans and it was challengeing because the troys had lots of allies. the greeks still won! It all started with the trojan prince Paris stealing the wife of a spartan. the battle was hard until the greeks came up with the idea of hiding in a giant horse to trick the trojans to let them go through the wall

messenian war 1

Approx. 760 bc

sparta wanted the lush fields of messenia, so they attacked. sparta wanted the lush fields of messenia, so they attacked. one of the incidents they had in the war was when a spartan sold his cows for money and then killled his son. then he went around killing the Lacedaemonians. they only took over 60% of it

homer writes iliad and the oddyssy

750 bc - 700 bc

annexation of messenia

708 bc

battle of marathon

490 bc

darius got defeated by the greeks. the reson for this war is that the persians wanted revenge on the greeks for turning against them. the persians had 600 ships and 20000 soldiers and the greeks 10000 soldiers. even being outnumbered,after the first battle only 192 greeks were killed and 6400 persians. the greeks won!

battle of thermopylae

480 bc

the persians were led by king Xerxes. the greeks were outnumbered 7000:70000. the greekswere led by spartan king Leonidas. the greeks tricked the persians into coming into a valley, trapping them and killing thousands even though theywere majorly outnumbered.

alexander the great encounters persians

333 bc

alexander runds into an army of persians. even though alexander was outnumbered he still defeated them