History timeline


Treaty of Utrecht

Approx. 1713

The treaty of Utrecht was a treaty that brought end to war between England and France on 11 April 1713 at Utrecht a city in Netherlands. Before the treaty of Utrecht, war was a major conflict between many countries mainly England and France and in order to stop the brutal war the treaty of Utrecht was signed which gave Britain full control over Acadia.

The expulsion of the Acadians

1755 - 1764

The explosion of the Acadians also known as the Great upheaval was a forced removal by the British on the Acadian people to leave their land since Acadia was now British property because of the treaty of Utrecht. The Declaration order in Grand pre was delivered by John Winslow a member of one of the most prominent families in England had called 400 men to the meeting in the church and said that the Acadians had to leave their land since now it was the property of the British crown. The Acadians had two options one to leave Acadia and two to pledge allegiance to the British crown. Acadians were separated from their families and placed into vessels that lead to France or the 13 colonies.

The seven years war

1756 - 1763

The 7 years war also known as the French and Indian war was a global event based mainly on the French and the British. The war started on 1756, went on for 9 years and then stopped at 1763. The 7 years war started because of french and British expansions to the Ohio river which was a great trade route but this act also got the British and french into great conflict. The British ended up winning the 7 years war with great pride.

The battle of the plains of Abraham


The battle of the plains of abraham started on September 13 1759. This war was between the french and british. The war started because of General Wolfe the British head leader loved Quebec and discovered great resources and wished to capture it. The french and British got into conflict and declared a war on the plains of Abraham. The British won the war and where able to capture Quebec but sadly General Wolfe died by being shot 3 times on his chest.

The Treaty of Paris


The treaty of Paris signed in Paris by representative of King George lll of Britain and of the French. This treaty ended the the 7 years war.

The Boston Tea Party

December 16, 1773

The boston tea party was a party arranged by the sons of liberty. The boston tea party was in protest of the British parliament's tea act of 1773. A bill designed to save the east India Company by lowering it’s tea task and granting it a virtual monopoly on the American tea trade which was more higher for the settlers of the 13 colonies. The patriots were angry because of this act so the patriots dressed up as the First nations, aborted 3 ships and dumped 360 boxes of tea.

The Quebec Act


The Quebec act was passed by the British parliament. This act gave the French Canadians complete religious freedom and restored the French from civil law.

The American Revolution

1775 - 1783

The American revolution was a brutal period of time that took place in the 13 colonies. The American patriots wanted independence from the king of Britain. The british settlers of the 13 colonies were angry at the British government since they were putting heavy taxes on the british settlers because they were broke after the 7 years war. Because of this act the British settlers was split in two the Loyalist and the Patriots. Because of the British taxes the Patriots wanted their own land known as America and so to achieve their goal they declared a war for America's independence. The American revolution ended in 1783 with the patriots winning the war and rebuilding their lives in the 13 colonies that was now America

The Constitution act


This was a act of the British parliament creating upper and lower Canada. The British divided Canada into Lower and Upper because they were broke after the seven years war and were frightened that the french will revolt against them so they gave the french lower Canada and kept upper Canada.

The war of 1812

1812 - 1814

The war of 1812 was a military conflict between the United states and Great Britain. The 1812 war took place because the Americas adored Canada and wanted to take over it to expand America. Canada was at the edge of being a American Colonie because of all the attacks the Americas were about to win. Soon the British won and where able to keep Canada thanks to help from the First nation, Laura Secord and many more.