Go For The Goal: Mia Hamm

Timeline By Mady Chait


Winning the World Cup


This was the first ever Women's World Cup. Mia Hamm started in a position she had never played before, midfield. After winner this, they were the best in the world.

The Legendary UNC Championship Team


Mia played for the North Carolina Tar Heels. During her junior year, she scored a goal against Duke in the championship game using 2 radical cuts with the ball before shooting. The UNC championship team had won that game 9-1. She was truly part of a dynasty in her junior year.

Another Championship


As a senior at University of North Carolina, Mia and the Tar Heels won another championship.

Women's World Cup


In the 1995 Women's World Cup Semi-finals, the National team lost to Norway. The National team was playing afraid and they were letting Norway control the game.

Playing Goalie


Mia played Goalie in the 1995 Women's World Cup.

Most Physical Game in Mia's Career


In a preparation game for the Women's World Cup that same year, the National team played Brazil. The team said it was the most physical women's international match they have ever played.

Winning the Olympic Gold Medal


One year before, the US Women's National Team lost to Norway in the Women's World Cup in the semi-finals. The team vowed not to let that happen again. They beat China in the finals in the Olympics, and they had their gold medal.

Mia's older brother Garrett dies


Garrett was one of Mia's inspirations. He was a great role model to her. He died from complications arising from a bone-marrow transplant he underwent to combat a rare blood disease. Mia missed the first 2 games of their Olympic Victory tour to be with her family.

Nike U.S Women's Cup


Against Russia in the Nike U.S Women's Cup, Mia scored her 100th and 101st goals in her career. Her 100th goal was a driven shot. Her 101st goal was off of a header.

Goodwill Games


The National Team beat Denmark in the semi-finals, 5-0 (Mia scored 3 goals in that game), and they beat China in the finals, 2-0 (Mia scoring the 40-yard clincher to win).

20 goals, 20 assists.


In 1998, Mia scored 20 goals for the National Team, but she also had 20 assists. Mia recently became the career assist leader in National Team history.

Mia's 100th Goal


Mia scored her 100th goal against Russia in the Nike U.S Women's Cup.

Getting to 100 goals. (Goodwill Games) (August)

August, 1998

Mia's 2 goals against China in the championship game got her to numbers 96 and 97.

Getting to 100 goals. (Nike U.S Women's Cup) (September)

September, 1998

Mia scored 2 goals against Mexico during the first game of the Nike U.S Women's Cup (98 and 99) One More Mia!

Woman's World Cup Winners


In 1999, the National team reclaimed their title as World Champions. "We Won Together" - Mia Hamm