Venezuelan Revolution 1


Demands made by Spanish Government

1808 - 1810

Spain still expected loyalty of the Venezuelans (and from the rest of their rule throughout South America) after Ferdinand VII was captured by the French (during the French invasion of Spain in 1808).

Government tries to suppress revolutionaries

1810 - 1813

The Royalists in Venezuela tried unsuccessfully to control the revolts, led by Bolivar.

Revolutionaries gain power

1811 - 1812

Bolivar met Francisco de Miranda, another revolutionary leader who also led abortive revolts against Spain. The two joined their “troops” together.

Revolutionaries quarrel, unity dissolves

1812 - 1814

Miranda became commander of the patriot army, and Bolivar became governor of the key town Puerto Cabello. But when an earthquake hit in 1812 and hit revolutionary centers, Puerto Cabello fell and Miranda surrendered. Bolivar became angry with Miranda’s action and surrendered him to the royalists who had invaded.

Moderates gain leadership but are not radical enough

1814 - 1817

Bolivar gains military leadership from his good reputation as a military strategist and led a liberation, which however was shorter lived than expected.

Power is gained progressively, sporadic fighting climaxes

1817 - 1818

Bolivar refused to admit defeat; he found help in local guerilla leaders and European troops (looking for employment). Sporadic fighting continued progressively throughout Venezuela.

Strong man emerges, assumes great power


Bolivar emerged as Venezuela’s prime leader

Extremists introduce program to punish opponents

1821 - 1822

The war was periodically paused due to the liberal revolution is Spain in 1820, which seemed to introduce a peaceful settlement. But fighting resumed in 1821 when neither side accepted to compromise. Bolivar’s forces introduced their campaign to rid Venezuela from all Spaniards through war.

Period of terror

1821 - 1822

During this time, fighting was constant, and people from each side were killed constantly.

Moderates gain power, revolution is over


Bolivar’s forces defeated Spanish forces at Carabobo on June 24. Bolivar became president