World History 1 Civilizations


1st Settlements in Egypt

5500 BCE

Some time arounf 5500 BCE humans began to settle around the Nile River Valley. They formed small agricultural settlements that would become the civilization of Egypt.

1st Egyptian Dynasty Established

3100 BCE

Namer or Menes is the first to unite Upper and Lower Egypt. He is considered the 1st Pharaoh of Egypt.

Egypt's Old Kingdom

2700 BCE - 2200 BCE

Egypt's Middle Kingdom

2050 BCE - 1800 BCE

Egypt's New Kingdom

1550 BCE - 1100 BCE

Birth of Moses

1400 BCE

The Hebrew prophet Moses is born in Egypt some time around 1400 BCE


China; Xia Dynasty

2200 BCE - 1500 BCE

Middle East: Hebrew Migration to Canaan

2000 BCE

China: Shang Dynasty

1500 BCE - 1100 BCE

China: Zhou Dynasty

1100 BCE - 256 BCE

Mesopotamia: Beginning of the Babylonian Capitivty of the Jews

586 BCE

Lead by Nebacanezzer, the Babylonians capture the city of Jerusalem and exile the Jews from the city

China: Qin Dynasty

221 BCE - 206 BCE

China: Han Dynasty

206 BCE - 220 CE