Delilah Dunn's timeline


trojan war

Approx. 1250 BCE - Approx. 1184 BCE

the Trojan war started because of the abduction of Queen Helen of Sparta, Trojan Prince Paris abducted her. the Greeks had won the Trojan war, when the Greeks won the Trojan war, they got to have Helen back. the most famous warrior of the Trojan war is Achilles, who was invincible and only had one weak spot, which was the back of his foot (his Achilles heel)

Sparta conquest of messiah civilization

Approx. 743 BCE - Approx. 724 BCE

the war started because the Spartans wanted the messenians land, the Spartans ended up winning the battle. the Spartans gained the land from the Messenians.

1st persian war

Approx. 492 BCE - 490 BCE

the war started because the Persians wanted to punish Athens and Eretrea, but they also wanted to subdue as many Greek cities as they could. Athens won the Trojan war, when they had won, they gained dominance over the Persians. Darius is a famous warrior from the war, but an Athenian army ended up beating his army.

2nd persian war

480 BCE - 479 BCE

this war started because Darius, a warrior from the first war, was ashamed of his loss of the last war and demanded another war. the greeks won the second persian war, greeks won the land from the persians after winning this war.

peloponesian war

431 B.C. - 404 B.C

the peloponesian war happened due to a long rivalry between Athens and Sparta, Sparta won the peloponesian war. when sparta won, they became the leading economic power in greece.

conquest of Egypt/Persia

356 BC - 323 BC

Alexander the great wanted to take over all parts of Persia and Egypt because he was power hungry, so he started wars so that he could take their land. Alexander the great and his army, in the end won the war. when Alexander won, he gained power over the largest empires in the world. Alexander is also a famous general who was in the war.