Shays rebellion: Time Line


Intolerable acts


This was a series of laws passed by the British in 1774 in aatmept to punish Massachusetts for the Boston tea party. This was a hard measurement that really made things escalate further.

Shays starts the rebellion


In this time period the many veterans come home and they realize that they don’t have nothing but exempt debts. They all organized to try to ring a solution.

Farmers contributed in the protest


During this time period veterans/farmers physically prevented tax collectors from collecting on rural workers.

Regulators come in to help.


In agust the regulators come in to help the country so it doesn’t converge.

Shays rebelión begins


This movement of angry people, soldiers mostly they return home after having fought in the revolution and they discovered that they are in debt. These veterans have no way in paint the debts and they wanted to ask the government for a solution but nothing happen. As a result these groups of veterans unties to try to advocate for a solution.

Violence helps solve the problem.


In this event there was major riots in which they are being stoped from attempt to make the March.
Violent events occur which leaves many injuries.

Constitucional convention


In this meeting the constitutional convention in Philadelphia, was to address the problems of the weak central government that was under the articles of the confederation.

Rectification of the constitution


As a result the constitution was written making the states to suppress future violence. This event cause major changes in which Democracy came into place granting states federal power.