Untitled timeline


Kurloz and Gamzee move to small town

  • their parents were deeply involved in the illegal drug trade and they ended up brutally murdered, killer never found, they inherit all of their parents money and abscond to Nebraska to live in peace and away from that shit

Karkat's 18 birthday


Karkat moves in w/ Sollux in small town


Karkat lands job at library


Cronus/Meulin domestic abuse

  • Karkat hears about this but does not inquire further as it does not concern him

Karkat and Gamzee meet at Vriska's birthday party

  • Karkat thinks little of him, Gamzee takes an instant liking to him

Gamtav/beginning of Solkat

  • Gamzee and Kurloz throw massive New Year's party
  • Gamzee and Tavros become a couple
  • Sollux and Karkat, both under the effects of marijuana, kiss

Gamzee turns 21


Kurlin happens


Karkat meets Dave and Terezi


Automatically hates Dave but develops a huge crush on Terezi who and it remains largely unrequited but it makes him forget about Sollux for awhile

Karkat starts trying to making his feelings for Terezi known

05/05/1998 - 07/04/1998

It is largely unrequited as she's more interested in Dave but she's not completely oblivious to Karkat's feelings and on the Fourth of July she has sex with him after telling him that they're never going to be together and Karkat eventually loses his feelings for her and remains on good terms with her

Eridan attempts to court Feferi (fails)

05/28/1998 - 07/25/1998
  • Feferi is more interested in Sollux, who is completely oblivious to her feelings because he's more concerned with Karkat
  • Eridan eventually gives up on this

Feferi attempts to get with Sollux

06/30/1998 - 07/28/1998

but obvs he has feelings for Karkat duh

Terezi and Dave are now CANON


Karkat turns 19


Sollux turns down Feferi


He tells her that he's in love w/ someone else, and she asks who, and Sollux tells her and asks her not to tell everyone and she agrees not to

Karkat meets Meenah


Meenah is Feferi's adopted sister who recently moved back to town; her and Karkat start a friendship that will last years

Meulin announces her pregnancy


Sollux starts putting the moves on Karkat (succeeds)

09/05/1998 - 10/27/1998

They get together at Vriska's birthday party

Cronus released from jail


Meulin suffers miscarriage


Karkat meets Sollux's parents and younger brother Mituna


spends Christmas with them, they adore the shit out of him

Kankri visits Karkat for New Year's

12/30/1998 - 1/2/1999

Kankri has one-night stand with Cronus


Kankri breaks vow of celibacy while intoxicated; ignorant of Cronus' otherwise bad reputation

Gamzee turns 22


Damara embarks on two-month vacation in Japan

01/15/1999 - 3/20/1999

comes back weird as fuck

Meulin and Kurloz announce engagement


Columbine shooting

  • Sollux, Karkat, Gamzee, Meulin and Kurloz all watch the news coverage together

Meulin announces second pregnancy with Kurloz


Vriska and Kanaya start dating


Karkat turns 20


Wedding of Kurloz and Meulin


Car crash involving Sollux's parents and Mituna

  • Train derailment
  • Mituna is 17 when this happens, suffer severe brain damage
  • Parents suffer amnesia and Sollux is forced to take custody of Mituna

Karkat and Gamzee's affair

10/27/1999 - 4/18/2002

Christmas (read notes!)

12/24/1999 - 12/25/1999

Mituna insists that everyone spends Christmas together and seeing as how Gamzee and Kurloz have the much bigger house, Mituna/Karkat/Sollux spend the night over there on Christmas Eve
- Tavros goes to California to see his older brother Rufioh so he is not present

Gamzee turns 23


Meulin dies while giving birth


baby is a girl

Meulin's funeral


Tavros figures out Gamzee/Karkat


resolves to do nothing so long as Gamzee is happy

Pool party at Kanaya and Porrim's

  • Kurloz attends with his baby and Kanaya and Porrim fall in love with the little bundle of joy
  • Kurloz shows considerable interest in Porrim

Karkat turns 21


celebrates by having mindblowing sex with Sollux

Gamzee gets in fight w/ Cronus


Cronus (somehow) gives Gamzee a scar across his face

Karkat and Sollux start putting money back


...so they can buy a horse from Equius for Mituna come Christmas

Karkat and Sollux celebrate two years together


Kurloz and Porrim try dating

10/27/2000 - 11/23/2000

...but Kurloz struggles with it due to his loss of Meulin and they mutually decide to take a break until Kurloz can sort out his feelings and Porrim is v understanding

Feferi and Eridan briefly date

11/30/2000 - 2/12/2001

she dumps him because of his over emotional bullshit

Christmas (read notes!)

12/20/2000 - 12/25/2000
  • Karkat and Sollux attempt to buy a horse from Equius but Equius instead gives it to them for free, stating that he's just "in the holiday spirit" but Aradia knows better - Equius actually just feels bad for Mituna
  • also offers free horse riding lessons to Mituna
  • Sollux and Mituna visit their parents in Omaha for Christmas
  • Karkat spends Christmas with Gamzee and Kurloz
  • Tavros goes out of town again and Gamzee and Karkat have mindblowing Christmas sex

Gamzee turns 24


Kurloz and Porrim get back together


Kurloz tells Gamzee that he's aware of what he's been doing w/ Karkat


but tells Gamzee he won't tell

Porrim moves in w/ Kurloz and Gamzee


becomes mother figure to baby

Vriska and Kanaya break up


Karkat starts feeling guilty

5/26/2001 - 4/18/2002

or rather he's always felt guilty but has always ignored it and he begins trying to cut it off with Gamzee

Karkat tells Meenah about Gamzee


she becomes his confidant

Karkat turns 22


Karkat realizes that he's fallen in love w/ Gamzee




Karkat has serious talk w/ Gamzee (read notes)

  • tells him that if he'll leave Tavros, then he will end things with Sollux
  • Gamzee declines and Karkat becomes bitter and angry and doesn't talk to him for a few weeks

Tavros notices the tension between Gamzee and Karkat


Karkat and Gamzee get caught


by Terezi and Dave, both agree to not tell

Karkat once again asks Gamzee to leave Tavros


Gamzee refuses and Karkat is heartbroken all over again at the blatant rejection

Porrim announces pregnancy


Terezi sleeps with Gamzee


Kurloz tells Dave and Gamzee/Terezi


Dave starts fight w/ Gamzee


after much debate -- loses -- informs Karkat of what happened between Gamzee and Terezi

dramaaaaaaaa (read notes!)

  • Karkat mulls over everything and decides he is literally SO DONE and resolves to tell Sollux the truth and he does so that very night and Sollux leaves and tells Karkat to be gone before he returns
  • Karkat calls Dave and Dave comes over and finds Karkat packing his shit and asks him where he's planning on going to which Karkat responds "away from this fucking town" and Dave says there's no way Karkat is leaving without him
  • Karkat tells Meenah he's leaving and she's like "not without me" and she tags along
  • runs into Kanaya as they're leaving town and Karkat yells at her that WE'RE GETTING THE FUCK OUT OF HERE and Kanaya is like "Yes Fuck This Place" and also joins in
  • Karkat stops at Gamzee's house and causes a scene in his front yard, Gamzee attempts to get Karkat to stay, Karkat lets loose all of his pent up bitterness and tells Gamzee to fuck himself with something hard and sandpapery
  • also Tavros finally leaves Gamzee

Karkat/Dave/Kanaya/Meenah are gone

4/19/2002 - 7/20/2002

return on Karkat's birthday, Karkat lives with Meenah and Feferi, gets job back at library

Gamzee starts doing heroin


Porrim and Kurloz move out because of Gamzee's volatile behavior