Chapter 3 Section 3

From 321 B.C to A.D. 540


Chandragupta, forging Indian Empire

321 bc

When northern India was often a battleground where rajahs fought for control over the rich Ganges valley, Chandragupta, a young adventurer, forged the first empire.

India, Maurya Dynasty

321 bc - 185 bc

Chandragupta and his ancestors fought for much of the Deccan to the empire.

Asoka, becoming emperor

268 bc

Asoka became emperor at 268 B.C and fought a long, bloody war to gain control over the Deccan region of Kalinga.

India, unity of Maurya Empire shattered

185 bc

During this time, the unity of the first Indian Dynasty was shattered, as rival princes again battled for power across the Gangetic Plain.

India, Golden Age

320 ad - 540 ad

500 years after the Maurya dynasty ended, the Guptas dynasty began. With this, India's Golden Age, or a period of great cultural achievement started.

India, Gupta Dynasty

320 - 540

This dynasty brought a golden age to India.