Haitian revolution


Toussaints Background

1743 - 1803

Toussaint was the son of an educated slave, and as a child he was a slave as well. he then bought his freedom and started to rise up. . L'Ouverture soon became leader and commanded armies in war. By 1795, he was known for ending slavery on the island.

Slave Revolt


A slave revolt began in the north of Saint Domingue. Toussaint joined and served as a doctor to the troops, he also commanded a small detachment of slave soldiers.

France Abolishes Slavery

February 4, 1794

France abolished slavery in France, and all of its colonies. Toussaint and his troops stop there revolt and now support the French against Spain and England.

Toussaint Becomes Leader


Toussaint became ruler of Saint Domingue after a military win over the British.

Napoleon Fights Back


Napoleon Bonaparte sent a expedition of 20,000 French soldiers to Saint Domingue to reclaim their paymasters properties. This is how Toussaint got captured.

Toussaint Gets Captured


Napoleon and his army marched into Saint Domingue to reinstate slavery and he betrayed then captured Toussaint and took him back to France.

Haiti Becomes Independent

January 1, 1804

Haiti became independent after a win over Napoleon's army, but Toussaint never knew that Haiti became an independent nation because he died on April 7th, 1803.