Salem Witch Trials


Two Girls Acting Strange

Approx. January, 1692

Elizabeth Parris and her cousin, Abigil Williams, began acting strangely

The First Trials

March 2, 1692 - March 7, 1692

The First of the Salem Witch Trials takes place

The Accused Women Jailed

March 7, 1692

Tituba, Sarah Good, and Sarah Osburn are taken to jail after being found guilty of practicing witchcraft

More Accusations and More Trials

Approx. April 1692 - Approx. May 1692

Sixty-four more people are accused of witchcraft and taken to prison

Death in Prision

May 10, 1692

Sarah Osborne dies in prison

Hanging Dead

June 10, 1692

Bridget Bishop becomes the first woman to be hung in Salem for witchcraft

Death By Hanging

Approx. July 1692 - Approx. September 1692

Many more women were tried and sentenced to death by hanging

Dog on Trial

Approx. October 1692

An afflicted girl in Andover accused a neighbor's dog of trying to bewitch her

Forbidden Jailing

October 12, 1692

Phipps** forbids imprisonment of anyone else for witchcraft

Freedom to the Accused

Approx. May 1693

Phipps orders the release of the remaining accused witches upon payment of their prison fees