History of the Americas

History of the Americas



People cross the land bring from Asia to the Americas.

Farming and Settlement

People learn how to farm and form settlements

Native Cultures Develop




The Mayan culture thrived.

Mound Builders


The Mound Builder culture thrived



The Anazasi culture thrived.

European Exploration and Coloization of the Americas




The Aztec culture thrived.

Columbus's First Voyage

Spain Begins Settlements in the New World

Amerigo Vespucci Sails along the coast of South America

Amerigo Vespuci Recognized the "New World"

African Slaves Brought to the Americas by the Spanish

Juan Ponce de Leon Explores Florida

Vasco Nunez de Balboa Crosses From Atlantic to Pacific Ocean

Ferdinand Magellan Sails Around the World


Aztecs Defeated by Spain

Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca Explores Texas

Spain Conquers the Inca

The Colony of Peru Founded

New Spain Founded

Hernando de Soto Discovers the Mississippi River

Francisco vasquez de Coronado Explored American Southwest

Iroquoi League

Cheyenne Tame Horses

Time Period

Ice Age


The Americas Without Contact From Europe


European Exploration and Colonization of the Americas


The Renaissance


Meanwhile, In Europe, Asia, and Africa...



Eric the Red Sails to Greenland

Leif Ericsson, First European in the Americas



Marco Polo Travels the Silk Road

Magnetic Compass Invented

Zheng He's Fleet Sails



Printin Press

Bartolomeu Dias Rounds Africa's Tip

Vasco da Gama Sails from Europe to India