Revolutionary Sample

French Revolution according to Brinton's Course of Revolution.

The French Revolution

Food Shortages

1787 - 1788

Due to bad harvests.

New United States of America


French Revolution

1789 - 1805

Rights of Landlords

August 4, 1789 - August 26, 1789

National Assembly abolished the Rights of Landlords. Later on August 26 the Declaration of Rights of Man and the Citizen was created.

National Assembly

August 26, 1789

Declaration of the Rights of Man was adopted by the National Assembly.

Constitution Completed


The National Assembly completes the Constitution.

Napoleon's Rise

1799 - 1815

Peace With the Church


Napoleon agrees with the pope, recognizing Catholicism as the religion of the French majority; In exchange, Pope agreed not to ask for church lands that were seized during the Revolution

New Merit-based Aristoracy


3,263 new nobles created; Only 22% of Napoleon's aristocracy came from old regime nobility

Russian Disaster


Fall of Napoleon

1812 - 1815

Final Defeat


June 18, 1815, Waterloo, Belgium, Napoleon suffers a bloody defeat