Hsin-hai Revolution

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Gengxu New Army Uprising

February 1910

A battle between the citizens and local police against the New Army broke out. The revolutionarys were quickly defeated by the army.



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Start of Revolution

April 1911

Construction started for the Hukwang Railway in central China

Guangzhou Uprising


An extremely violent uprising where in it over 72 revolutionarys were kllled

Qing government creates a cabinets system

May 1911

Citizens turn against government

sept 1911

The disapproval of the government's action turns into a full scale revolt.

Wuchang mint is captured

oct 1911

A mutiny broke out in the Wuchang. The mutineers captured the Wuchang mint and went against Quing government.

Manchu overthrown

October 10, 1911

A nationalist revolt overthrew the imperial Manchu dynasty.

Hankou Riot

October 10 1911

In Hankou a riot broke out among the troops against the government

Yuan Shikai is called the premier

November 1911

Sun Yat-sen is elected president of The Republic of China

Dec 1911

Yuan takes power

feb 1912

Yuan took throne in proclaimed the government should be republic. This gave Yuan full power to organize government.

War Ends

feb 12 1912

New Constitution

mar 1912

a provisional Constitution was created, by the Nanjing parliament.