Latin American Revolution


Hispaniola announces freedon


The first Latin American state to become independent

Revolt in Latin America

1807 - 1825

What eventually resulted in the freedom of Latin America

Mexico's first revolt began


The first revolts in Mexico leading up to their independence.

Mexico's independence day

September 16, 1810

When they declared their independence from Spain. It was chosen on this day in remembrance of Miguel Hidalgo and the very first revolt in Mexico.

Jose Maria Morelos captured and executed


He was a priest and field marshal who won many victories against the Spanish but was eventually captured and executed.

Battle of Maipu

April 5, 1818

Bernardo O'Higgins's rebel army plus the forces of Chile and Argentina ended Spanish rule over the southern part of South America at the battle of Maipu.

Mexico declares independence


Mexico claiming their independence from spain.

Mexico becomes a republic


After being ruled by Iturbide for one year Mexico disposed of him and began a republic.

Battle at Junin

August 6, 1824

One of Simon Bolivar's most important victories in the battle to free Peru.

Battle at Ayacucho

December 9, 1824

Another important battle won and led by Bolivar to free Peru. This led to a peace treaty freeing Peru from Spain.

Most of Latin America becomes independent


This included Peru, Uruguay, Paraguay, Columbia, Venezuela, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Brazil, Central America and Mexico.

Texas declares independence from Mexico


As a result of Santa Anna's poor leadership, Texas revolts against its rule and earned their independence.

Texas becomes part of the United States


When Texas earned its United States statehood.

Constitutions written for Latin America


By this time all Latin American states had constitutions written and were affectively using them.

Mexico's period of reform

1855 - 1876

Ruled by Benito Juarez who was considered a Mexican hero. Mexico received liberal reforms which included separation of church and state and distribution of land to the poor and more educational systems.

Mexico finalizes a government

1877 - 1911

Mexico created a conservative centralized government with an army, foreign capitalists, large land owners, and the Catholic church.

Battle of Dos Rios


Cuban poet Jose Marti laid his forces in a battle to win Cuban independence from Spain, but lost.

Cuba becomes a US protectorate


After the Spanish-American war, Cuba is granted to the United States as a protectorate which is territory who is protected by a larger state or party.

Puerto Rico becomes US protectorate


As a result of the Spanish-American war, Puerto Rico was granted to the United States as a protectorate and has remained so since.

Mexico sets up government with a president


Sets up a government based of the united states.