World History



6000 BC

They started learning about their crops and plants. Also the animals that lived on their land. It is still the same today.

Writing system

4000 BC

The first known writing form was the Cuneiform they used it for a long time. It is just like the process we use today the alphabet


3200 BC - 400 AD

This writing form was used many times with the Egyptians and there writing needs. They would use hieroglyphs for symbolizing Pharaohs names and different tombs.


3000 BC

There are so many wheels that were made the Potters wheel, wagon, and also the Chariot were all made with wheels.


2700 BC - 2500 BC

The Sphinx was sometimes used as a God. The Sphinx was to represent have human and half lion.

Old Kingdom

2600 BC - 2100 BC

The Old Kingdom was the first peak of civilization. It is in the period of the third dynasty.


2000 BC

Is used for a place were all Muslims try to visit once in their life. A place to worship and praying. Would kiss the black stone box or wall.

Greeks first alphabetic

850 BC - 700 BC

We use this with our alphabet also.

First Olympics

776 BC

The Olympics were first introduced in Athens, Greece.

The founding of Rome

753 BC

The legend of Romulus and Remus is about how they where floating in a basket down the Tigar River when a wolf helped and feed them.

First Punic War

264 BC - 241 BC

This was against Carthage because they were crossing over on Roman land.

Hannibal and his elephants

218 BC - 203 BC

They were headed and crossed over the Rome area. Hannibal had his elephants to fight with him.

Battle of Corinth

146 BC

Fought by the Roman Republic and the city of Corinth. The battle marked a new age Roman Greece.


30 AD

Largest religion in the world. Important holidays Christmas, Good Friday, and Easter.

Five Pillars

610 AD

There is no God but Allah recite. Pray 5x a per day facing the Moquse on Fridays. Must abstain from food or drinks from sun up to down during Ramadon. Must go to Mecca once in their life. Give to charity.