Chemotherapy History


Animal Models


This is when animals models were used to develop a cure for cancer.

Paul Ehrlich


Paul Ehrlich was a man who developed drugs to treat infectious diseases. He came up with the name chemotherapy and defined it as the use of chemicals to treat a disease. He used a rabbit model for syphilis which led to the development of arsenicals to treat this cancer during this year.

First transplantable tumor systems in rodents


George Clowes developed the first of this.

Model Development


Models for the development of cancer treatment were beginning to be made.

National Cancer Institute


They set up the most organized program that would became a model for cancer drug screening. Ended in 1953 because they're drugs weren't working properly.

Nitrogen mustard


The use of nitrogen mustard for lymphomas was used rapidly at this time.



The development of the CCNSC. That is short for Cancer Chemotherapy National Service Center. This changed the cancer drug development throughout the world. Founded between May and October.

Metastic cancer is cured.


Metastic cancer was cured. The synthetic compound Methotrexate was used to treat a rare tumor called choriocarcinoma.

National Cancer Act


Launched the nations war on cancer.

Figuring out how to combine


Figure out how to combine the lasers to make the laser chemotherapy more effective as the original version.

Combining chemicals and lasers


Excite the atoms and molecules in the chemicals used for chemotherapy in order to make them into a laser.

A material that could bend laser beams


After the creation of the new substance you will be able to use it on the organs in and out of the human body by making it more or less powerful depending on where cancer is.