A Thousand Splendid Suns


Spring: Mariam is born

Approx. 1959

Summer: Mariam receives necklace

Approx. 1973

Jalil buys Mariam a necklace, and she dreams that one day she can live with him, and truly be his child.

Mohammed Daoud becomes Prime Minister of Afghanistan

July 17th 1973

After ruling Kabul for 40 years, King Zahir Shah is overthrown by a bloodless coup.

Autumn: In Kabul

Approx. 1974

Mariam spends her first Ramadan in Kabul.

Spring: Mariam turns 15

Approx. 1974

Spring: Mariam heads to Herat

Approx. 1974

Mariam heads to Herat for the first time to see Jalil. He shuts her out, and the next day she returns to the Kolba and finds out that Nana has committed suicide.

Spring: 1 week later - Mariam moves in with Jalil

Approx. 1974

Mariam moves in with Jalil after Nana's burial. After a week or so, Mariam is married off to Rasheed and they move to Kabul

Rasheed = Angry because Mariam can't have children

April 1978

Rasheed is angry at Mariam because she cannot produce any children for him, and she keeps having miscarriages.

Akbar Kyber found murdered

April 17th 1978

Akbar Kyber was found murdered, which cause a large demonstration two days later.

Military planes over Kabul

April 27th 1978

Military planes are all over Kabul. Air Force Colonel, Abdul Oadar, seized an airport in the key intersection city. The rebels attacked the Presedential Palace and Daoud's loyalist forces were defeated.