Untitled timeline


Inca Founding

1200 - 1400

Manco Cápac I, the first Sapa Inca, founds the city of Cuzco, establishing the capital of the Inca empire and becomes the first ruler of the Incas. They keep territory of the Cuzco region for 200 years

Inca Expansion

1400 - 1500

The Inca empire prospers and expands by conquering neighboring tribes. It succeeds in bringing an additional 2500*500 square miles within its territory

Inca CIvil War

1525 - 1531

A dispute over succession arises between Huascar and Atahuallpa after their father, Sapa Inca Huayna Cápac, succumbs to smallpox. This leads to a civil war. Atahuallpa wins and becomes the new ruler.

Arrival of Spaniards

1531 - 1533

Arrival of Spanish Conquistadors, headed by Marquess Francisco Pizarro González, capture of Atahuallpa. Pizarro asks for a hefty ransom for release of the Sapa Inca. Atahuallpa is killed by Pizarro.

Inca Rebellion

1536 - 1544

Manco Cápac II gathers an army of rebels against the Spaniards. The city of Cuzo is set ablaze and the Manco Cápac II establishes his rebel militia base at Vitcos.

Assassination of Francisco Pizarro


Francisco Pizarro is assassinated by seven Almagrists and they flee to Vitcos to join Manco Cápac's rebel army.

Inca/Spaniard Peacetime

1545 - 1557

Tensions between Spaniards and Inca rebels decrease gradually and the Spanish ruler, Prince Philip, even sends envoys to restore peace and urge Sayri Tupac to give in to Spanish authority and return to Cuzco to which Sayri Tupac agrees.

Assassination of Manco II


Sayri Tupac, at the age of 5 years, declared ruler of the rebels after Manco II is assassinated by the Almagrists.

Inca suspected poisoning

1557 - 1560

Sayri Tupac dies soon after and the Incans believe that he was poisoned. Sayri Tupac is succeeded by Titu Cusi

Inca Rebel activities resume causing treaty signing

1560 - 1566

Under Titu Cusi's rule rebellious activities in areas under Spanish authority resume, spurring the beginning of peace talks between Titu Cusi and the Spaniards and resulting in the signing of the Treaty of Acobamba.

Assassination of Titu Cusi

1567 - 1570

Titu Cusi dies soon after pledging his allegiance to the Spanish throne and his death is also believed to have been caused by poisoning. Friar Diego Ortiz is accused of the murder and is tortured to death.

The End of the Incas

1571 - 1572

Titu Cusi is succeeded by Tupac Amaru. However, Vilcabamba, the unofficial separatist rebel province, is besieged by the Spanish after Viceroy Toledo declares war and Tupac Amaru takes flight. He, along with his family, is captured and taken to Cuzco where they are all executed.