Breaking Through.

Dylan Roskosz, 7B By Francisco Jimenez


Francisco Jimenez born.


Francisco was born into a poor family in Mexico.

Francisco Jimenez crosses border.


Francisco illigally crosses the border with his family.

Francisco first starts to go to school.

1948 - 1957

Francisco starts to go to school. He likes it because he doesn't have to work on the farms anymore.

Franciso is deported back to Mexico.


Francisco was deported back to Mexico because the border patrol caught him and his family.

Francisco comes back to America legally.


His family comes back to America legally with papers showing they are American citizens.

Francisco gets his first job


Francisco starts working cleaning windows.

The family is doing poorly due to less money.

1960 - 1962

Since Roberto left, money is scarce because Papa's back hurts and everything is being piled on Francisco.

Roberto gets married and leaves the Jimenez family.


Roberto, his brother, gets married and leaves the family to make one of his own.

The family is doing better.


Roberto is sending money and Papa's back is better. All is good in the Jimenez family.