Harry Houdini Timeline

Elliott Magri 8B Harry Houdini

Harry Houdini Magician

Harry Houdini was born

March 24, 1874

His real name is Ehrich Weiss and was born in Hungary.

Ehrich and his family move


They move to Appleton a small town in Wisconsin.

gets his first job in a circus


He worked at a five cent circus and he called himself "Ehrich Prince of the Air."

Harry Houdini is officially Harry Houdini


He changes his name to Harry Houdini.

Harry's father dies

October 5, 1892

His father was a Rabbi and he died at the age sixty-three.

Houdini starts to take off


He performs his first amazing act the handcuff escape in St. Paul.

Harry Houdini Mirror Cuff Act


Houdini continues his magic


Performs an act called the mirror cuff in front of a smaller crowd.

Harry Houdini


He escapes the Washington D.C. jail


People are amazed at what he can do and the talents he has.

Harry Houdini Underwater Box Escape


Performs the underwater box escape


This trick was performed in front of his largest crowd.

Houdini creates his own production company


It was called Houdini Picture Corporation.

Harry Houdini dies

October 31, 1926

He died from being punched in the stomach.

Harry Houdini's funeral is held

November 4, 1926

The whole world was saddened by his death.