Beginning of bananas

327 B.C.

Bananas originally began in india, but then Alexander the Great brought them back to Europe.

Banana Cultivation In China

200 A.D.

This was when Bananas were first cultivated in China.

Bananas in Palestine

650 A.D.

Islamic conquerors exported the banana up to Palestine.

Bananas in Europe


In Europe, the banana arrived only during Renaissance thanks to the exports to the native lands done by the great travellers that in those years discovered the Americas: in particular, there is evidence of the introduction of bananas in Europe in 1502

Spanish Missionaries


Spanish missionaries brought Bananas to the Caribbean for trade.

Bananas in Florida


Bananas were brought to Florida to be produced and distributed. It failed due to winter frost.

Mass Production of Bananas


The Duke of Devonshire started to produce Bananas, and the production took off from there.

Banana Land


Before the 1870’s most of the land that bananas were grown on in the Caribbean had been previously used to grow sugar.

Banana Wars

1898 - 1934

The Banana Wars were the occupations, police actions, and interventions on the part of the United States in Central America and the Caribbean between the end of the Spanish–American War in 1898 and the inception of the Good Neighbor Policy in 1934.

Panama Disease


It arrived in Central America from somewhere in the South Pacific, it threatened banana crops.