Into The Wild

By Dominique Jablonski 7B A story about the adventurous and free life of Christopher McCandless.


Christopher Johnson McCandless was born

February 12, 1968

Christopher was born in El Segundo, California. Christopher parents are Walt and Billie McCandless.

Christopher Graduates from high school.

May 1986

Christopher graduated from Wilbert Tucker Woodson High School in Virginia. That summer he traveled through out the country. He returned home only two days before his college school year started. Christopher was a very educated young man he had a very unique way of looking at things.

Christopher McCandlesss in his High School picture

Christopher graduates from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia

May 12 1990

Shortly after he graduated he donated $25,000 from his savings to OXFAM an organazation that was dedicated to fighting hunger.

Christopher abandons his car and travels the rest of his journey on foot.

July 10 1990

Christophers car had been destroyed by a violet flash flood. So he took this mishap as an opportunity to rid himself of all unnecessary belongings. He buried his deer-hunting rifle, striped his car of its Virginia plates. Then burned all one hundred twenty-three dollars in his wallet.

Christopher Johnson McCandless changes his name to Alexander Supertramp

August 1990

Alexander wanted to start an entirerly new life for himself.

Christopher leaves the grain elevator in South Dakota and is on the road again.

October 23 1990

Wayne Westenberg had no work for Christopher because of his imprisonment, so Christopher left Carthage, South Dakota. Chris was a very determined worker, so he was well liked at the grain elevator.

Wayne is on the left Christopher is on the right

Christopher canoes all over.

October 28 1990 - January 16 1991

Christopher canoes on the Colorado River,and many other bodys of water. In January he abandons the canoe due to weather conditions. Christopher had not spoken to or seen another human in thirty-six days.

Christopher lives in Las Vegas.

February 24 1991 - May 10 1991

When he entered Las Vegas he had no money or ID. There he worked at an Italian restaurant.

Chris lives on the Oregon coast

July 1991 - August 1991

Since Christopher stopped keeping a journal when he left Las Vegas, so not much is known.

Christopher lives in Bullhead City, Arizona.

November 1991 - December 1991

In Bullhead he worked at a Mcdonalds. This is possibly the longest he has ever stayed in one place.

Christopher travels to "the Slabs" with Jan Burres and Bob.

December 1991

The Slabs were located in Niland California. There he sold books for Jan and Bob.

Christopher meets Ronald A. Franz

January 1992 - February 1992

Christopher lived with Ron. He taught Christopher how to work with leather. Christopher made a belt that told a story with pictures of his journeys. Christopher ended up living with Ron for some time. Before Chris left Ronald asked him if he could adopt Chris since his wife and only child were killed by a drunk driver, and Ronald was the only member of his family left.

Ronald Franz drops Christopher at Grand Junction

March 14 1992

Christopher was on his way north.

Christopher leaves the Grain elevator in South Dakota to head to Alaska.

April 15 1992

Christopher had exactly one thousand dollars in his boot. He left his journal with Wayne Westenberg for safekeeping. While he was hugging every one good bye he started crying he probably relized that he may not see them again.

Christopher and Gaylord Stuckey arrive in Fairbanks Alaska.

April 25 1992

Christopher had gotten a ride with a man by the name of Gaylord Stuckey. The car ride took three days. Christopher spends three days in town preparing for the long hike to the bus.

Chirstopher walks into the the "bush".

April 28, 1992

Christopher would walk to the "magic" bus where he stayed. This bus had been abandonded it belonged to the city of Fairbanks, Alaska. The bus is still there many people visit the bus in honor of Christopher.

Christopher attempts to leave the "bush".

July 3 1992

He Must cross the Teklanika River to get to town. Christopher can not leave the wild because the Teklanika River has swelled almost five times its original size and has become violent and uncrossable. So he goes back to the bus.

Christopher McCandless dies

July 30 1992 - August 19 1992

Christopher parished for a number of reasons. He died because of starvation. He also died because of a fungus that was growing on a plant that he was eating at the time. His body was recovered ninteen days after he died. Christopher was only twenty four when he died. Christopher spent about one hundred thirteen days in the wild.
This is a picture the last note that he wrote.

Christopher McCandless's body was found by several groups of people.

September 6, 1992

Christopher died in Fairbanks, Alaska. His corpse only weighed seventy-seven pounds.

Carine McCandless finds out that her brother has passed.

September 17 1992

Carine and her brother were extremly close. She was devastated when she heard that he had passed.

This is the last photograph Christopher took.

Ronald Franz finds out Alex aka Christopher is dead.

December 26 1992

Ron picks up two hitchhikers. During the car ride he tells them about Christopher one of them then informs him that his friend is dead.

Jon Krakauer publishes article about Christopher in the January issue of Outside

January 1993

After writing the article Jon became more interested in Christopher which led to the writing of this book.

this is a picture of Jon Krakauer

Christophers family visits the bus

September 1993

They leave a bronze plaque at the bus in his honor.