The Royal Diaries of Elizabeth 1 by: Cindy Rodriguez 7A


July 4, 1544

July 4, 1544

Elizabeth 1 is to be sent to Hatfield.

Glorious news about the letter

September 15, 1544

Elizabeth 1 received a letter from her father and it said Boulogne is about to fall and when her father said "hearty blessings to all our children" and now Elizabeth is determined that her father loves her.

Oct 1, 1544

Oct 1, 1544

Elizabeth's father came back from his trip and he set up a marrige proposal. So from that day Elizabeht 1 decided that she will never marry.

February 25, 1545

February 25, 1545

Many noises were happening and Elizabeth 1 would laugh until this day happened because they have to go in the Chapel, kneel down and say psalms and prayers for a whole hour.

May 19, 1546

May 19,1546

Elizabeth 1 tenth anniversary of the death of her mother.

Janury 28,1547

January 28, 1547

The real death of Elizabeth 1's father died.


January 31, 1547

Elizabeth 1 father died everyone didn't find out that he was dead until this date. They kept it a secert.

February 28,1547

February 28,1547 - 1553

Edward ruled England from February 28, 1547 to 1553. On this date he had a cermony to crown him as king.


1558 - 1603

Elizabeth 1 ruled from 1558 to 1603. When she first ruled she was 25 years old.


Elizabeth 1 always writes in her journal.


Elizabeth 1 never felt "love" from people around her like; her father because he never took care of her.

Forgotten at times

Everyone in the town would forget that Elizabeth 1 exists so many times throughout the book everyone would forget and then remember over and over again.