Boy: Tales of Childhood, Ryan Barry


Roald Dhal is born


Sofie Dhal bore a son, Roald Dhal, in Llandaff, England.

Harold Dhal dies


Roald Dhal's older sister, Astri, dies of appendicitis. Harold Dhal, Roald Dhal's father, goes into a state of depression. Harold Dhal gets pneumonia a month later after Astri's death. Harold Dhal refuses to fight off his sickness and excepts his death, so he can be with Astri in heaven.

Roald Dhal's family Summer vacation to Norway

1920 - 1932

Roald Dhal and his family go to Norway every Summer.

Roald Dhal attends Kindergarten

1922 - 1923

Roald Dhal attends Llandalf Cathedral School

1923 - 1925

Roald Dhal attends Llandalf Cathedral School until him and his friends prank the nasty candy shop owner, Mrs Pratchett, by putting a rat in her gobstopper candy jar. Mrs. Pratchett reports this to the school's headmaster, and Roald Dhal and his friends are punished with a beating on the butt with a cane by the headmaster. Roald Dhal's mother sees the damage on his buttocks and he his taken out of Llandalf Cathedral School.

Roald Dhal gets his adenoids taken out


Roald Dhal gets his adenoids taken out by a doctor during his family vacation to Norway

Roald Dhal gets homesickness


Roald Dhal at age nine, pretends he has a ruptured appendices and goes home sick by fooling the Matron. He is sent home where he is checked by a doctor that figures out his scheme and lets him stay home for three more days, but makes Roald Dhal promise he will never fake sickness again.

Roald Dhal attends St. Peters

1925 - 1929

Roald Dhal is sent by his mother to a boarding school after the rat incident in Llandalf Cathedral School. Little does Mrs. Dhal know, her son will be inflicted with beatings by the headmaster and be treated horribly by his teachers and the school Matron at the wretched school he was attending.

Roald Dhal nearly loses his nose.


On Roald Dhal's school break, his twenty-one year old half sister takes the family out for a drive in her new car. The sister crashes the car sending the family out in several different directions and Roald Dhal through the windshield, almost slicing his nose off. The mother drives Roald Dahl to the hospital where his nose is sown back into place.

Roald Dhal's half sister is engaged


Roald Dhal attends Repton

1929 - 1934

Roald Dhal was sent off to school again where he would experience more beatings and terrible boazers. Boazers were older boys positioned in command over the junior boys. Boazers had the power to send you to the headmaster unless you did what they said. Roald Dhal also spent years at Repton as the Captain of a sport called Fives and as a "Fag" or a servant to a study holder. Roald Dhal also got his book idea for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at Repton where he critiqued candy for a candy company.

Roald Dhal joins the Shell Company

1934 - 1939

Roald Dhal travels the world and gives out kerosene to numerous places until World War 2 breaks out in 1939.

Roald Dhal's mother dies