Amelia Earhart by Marie Funes

Amelia Earhart's Life

Amelia Earhart is born at her Grandparents home in Atchison, Kansas.

July 24,1897

Amelia is unimppresed when she sees her first airplane at the Iowa State Fair.


Amelia becomes a nurse's aide.


She becomes the aide at Toronto's Spadina Military Convalescent Hospital after leaving Ogontz School in Philiadelphia.

Amelia has her first ride in an airplane.

December 1920

Amelia loves her first ride.

Amelia buys her first airplane.


Amelia begins flying lessons with Neta Snook as her instructor.

January 3, 1921

Amelia sets an unofficial women's altitude record of 14,000 feet.

October 1922

Amelia flys across the Atlantic Ocean on th Friendship airplane.

June 1928

Amelia becomes teh first women ever to fly across the Atlantic Ocean.

Amelia takes third place in the first Women's Transcontinental Air Derby.

August 1929

In this Derby she stops to assits a fellow pilot and still gets third.

Amelia is elected the first president of the Ninety-Nines.


The Ninety-Nines was a newly-formed womens pilot organization.

Amelia marries publisher and premoter George Palmer Putnam.

February 7, 1931

Amelia becomes the first woman to fly an autogrio.

April 8, 1931

Amelia sets a altitude record of 18,415 feet in the new exprimental aircraft.

April 8,1931

Amelia becomes the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean.

May 21,1932

Amelia become the first person to cross the Atlantic Ocean twice by air.

May 21, 1932

Amelia becomes the first woman pilot to fly nonstop from coast to coast.

August 1, 1932

Amelia flew from Los Angeles, California, to Newmark, New Jersey, in just over 19 hours.

Amelia becomes the woman to make a solo flight from Hawaii to California.

January 1935

She flew from Honolulu, Hawaii, to Oakland, California.

Amelia becomes the first person to fly solo from California to Mexico.

April 1935

She flew from Los Angeles, California, to Mexico City, Mexico.

Amelia joins the faculty of Indiana's Purde University.

September 1, 1935

She joins as a career conselor for female students.

Amelia begins her highly publicized, around-the-world flight.

March 1937

Amelia takes off from Oakland, California. In Honolulu, Hawaii, an accident during takeoff interrupts her plans.

Amelia's plane is fixed, so she attemps her second around-the-world flight.

June 1, 1937

Amelia departs from Miami, Florida.

Amelia disappears in the Pacific somewhere near Howland Island.

July 2, 1937

She disappears not alone, but also with navigator Fred Noonan.

Amelia Earhart is declared legally dead.

January 5, 1939