David Beckham By Joshua Thomas

David Beckham's Life

David Beckham is born


David Robert Joseph Beckham is his full name
His Dad's name is Ted and his Mom's name is catherine.
He is born in leytonstone,england

David Beckham's school years

1980 - 1991

He only had a basic education till
highschool and drop out
from his college years due to career problems.

Charleton award


David Beckham is awarded the charleton soccer skills award
And clubs in England were starting to notice him.

First contract with Manchester United


Sir Alex Ferguson goes up to became sneakily
and says to him that he got the contract for the red devils
and 16 yrs old david is so happy he is almost in
tears. But due to the contract he had to drop out from college

Manchester United wins epl for the season

1992 - 1993

During the time Bekham was playing in the lower clubs
Manchester was in a winning streak.

Manchester United winning streak continues

1993 - 1994

The next season the red devils win the EPL cup\
And suprisingly the FA cup

Preston North End


he is loaned to preston north team and he goes
away from the manchester senior team in to one of the
clubs called Preston's North End.

Red Devils lose their streak

1994 - 1995

Sadly the manchester united team loses it's streak
and has failed to win even or at least one trophy.

He makes his first appearance on England's National team.


He got picked suprisingly on the national team.

PFA young player of the year award


two yellow cards


For temper and etc.

Quick temper dooms beckham


argentina's midfielder Diego Simone took down Beckham
In a hard tackle beckham could have shooken it off but after
that Beckham with his anger lashed at him and kicked him
right in front of the refree.

european player of the year award


Beckham's most remembered goal


He scores in the first game of the season and he is
highlighted all over the news and the
young star becomes popular this paticular goal is known as
"The Wimbledon Goal"

Brooklyn Beckham is born


his first son is born

David and Victoria get married


David gets married to former pop singer from the spice girls
A.K.A posh spice

nationwide football awards player of the year award


beckham becomes capitain of the red devils


he wins 4th place in the european footballer of the year award.


second place in FIFA world footballer of the year award


western union most valuble player award


britain's sportsman of the year award


personality of the year BBC sports award


second place for world footballer of the year


road to Madrid

2002 - 2003

he makes a contract with real madrid.

Beckham starts a new hair trend the "Fauxhawk"


he started his famous and most known hairstyle the fauxhawk
which went viral

Romeo Beckham


David's second son romeo

The star who gives

2004 - Present

he has helped alot of charities for kids with sickness and

Cruz Beckham


Cruz davids last son is born

run at real coming to an end


he finishes the contract with Real Madrid
and renews his contract with the la galaxy
which makes the real madrid manager mad not alot
because he thought he could keep beckham for another

LA Galaxy and The U.S


he is going to america for the first time and is nervous

Beckham Mania in the U.S


every one in the U.S is wild about beckham

Named Major League Soccer player of the year by ESPN


Earned 100th cap for England against France


Man of many interests


He is officially considered as a world icon
and in many places too
like the media buissness and fashion

Harper Beckam


Harper Davids only daughter is born
also thier last child till now.