The Diary of a Young Girl Brianna Roosevelt


Anne Frank is born


Anne Frank was born June 12th, 1929

Anne Frank turns 13.


Anne Frank turns 13 on June 12th, 1942.

Anne Frank names her diary


Anne was thinking why a girl like her would have a diary, so then while she was thinking, she decided to give her diary a name, and she named it Kitty.


Anne Frank finds out they are going to hide


Anne overheard her father talking about them going and hiding, but her father tells her not to worry about it right now.

Anne Frank Hides


On July 6th, 1942 Anne Frank hides in an old abandoned office building, which is where her father works, with some other Jews who are hiding with them.

The Van Daans and Peter arrives


The Van Daans arrives to the hideout with their son Peter a day earlier than expected, because the Germans were already getting Jews so they came to be safe.

Daddy is ill


Anne's father is ill with a high temperature, and it looks like it might be the measles, and they can't even call a doctor. Anne is very worried.

Peter turns 16


Peter got a bit of presents, but his gift from his father was the best one. He said that some people are saying the war is almost over because of where the British landed, but others say, " It is not near the end nor is it the beginning of the end, but it may very well be the end of the beginning."

Daddy is getting better


Anne Franks father does not have that high of a temperature anymore, he is getting much better and Anne is glad.

Mr. Dussel goes into hiding


Mr. Dussel, who is a dentist goes into hiding with everyone. That totals eight people at the hiding place.

Anne Frank's diary ends


August 1st, 1944 was the last time she wrote to her diary. It is believed that on August 4th, the Nazis came and found where they were hiding.


Anne Frank turns 14


Anne Frank turns 14, and she is still hiding, but her father gives her a wonderful poem that she loves so very much.


Anne Frank meets Harry


Anne meets a 16 year old boy named Harry, who seems to like her very much.

Anne Frank talks to Peter


While Anne is out walking with Harry, she runs into Peter, who she has not talked to in a long time.


Anne Frank finds out if she moves up a grade or not


Anne is very excited to find out that she gets to move up a grade, and her family is happy too, but her parents are acting a little different than they usually do.