World History Timeline Project


7000 BC- 500BC

The beginning of agriculture in Mesopotamia

7000 BC

Sargon of Akkad conquers Mesopotamia and forms the worlds first empire

2350 BC - 2330 BC

Hammurabi becomes ruler of babylon with a written code of laws

1770 BC - 1728 BC

Hammurabi's Code had 282 laws that were used in much of every day life! Parts of his laws still are strong today. The laws where available for everyone to see.'s+code&hl=en&safe=active&client=safari&tbo=d&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=nXD4UMeGJqq20QG8joAo&ved=0CAkQ_AUoAQ&biw=1024&bih=672#biv=i|3;d|_K05I1aLStHY1M:

Egypt & Kush

4500BC- 400 AD

Agriculture communities develope in Egypt

4500 BC

The people of the area used the Nile River as their water source.
Again the floods would make the fertile soil good for farming and full of silt! They were fast learners when it came to barley and wheat.|16;d|nbEWF0eAtrJ7lM:

Queen Hatshepsut -ruled

1472 BC - 1458 BC

She was married to her half brother who was the Pharaoh at the time. When he died the queen took over the power, leading the role of Egypt's first women pharaoh. Because many people didn't like the idea of a women instead of a man, queen Hatshepsut dressed as a man, even going as far as to were a mens fake beard.|7;d|93FrgfmtSLEs7M:

Ramses the Great

1300 BC - 1200 BC

Even though he was young, Ramses the Great trained to be a ruler and/or fighter. At the age of ten Ramses be come a army captain. Soon he became pharaoh. Many present day people thing that he was the last great Pharaoh of the time. Durning his shift as pharaoh, he also built many great towers and monuments.|1;d|SUMlDFbY2JHjBM:

World Religions

2200BC- 400AD


2000 BC

The Hebrews, who were the people who practiced judaism, were considered the new comers of southwest Asia. According to the bible, the story of the Hebrews begins with Abraham. Moses lead most of the hebrews out of Egypt.|0;d|rsYPveUdKVpsPM:


550 BC

Started by a man named Muhammad when he claimed that God had spoken to him. They still to This day pray towards a Mosque. The followers of this religion read from the Qur'an.|0;d|G44A67VgTpbhkM:


1 AD

Christians are followers of one God, and a man named Jesus. Christianity is based upon the life along with the teachings of Jesus. Christianity is slightly based on Jewish ways.|3;d|8290CzkZn5sg5M:


2000BC- 30BC

Trojan war

1200 BC

Some people think that when the Mycenaeans, after attacking Troy, started the Trojan war. People relive many great pieces of literature were produced at this time. The war lasted about ten years.

The Olympics

680 BC - 320 AD

The Greek Olympics were held to honer the gods for 1000 years. The stopped until 1896. The athletes compete in a series of events testing their skills.|6;d|OGqmgS1Y-7dJBM:


400 BC

Aesop is a legend. In one story Aesop was a slave in the 500 BC's. in another he was a adviser to the king. But he is most famous for his fables.


753 BC- 500 AD

Romulus and Remus

800 BC

Aeneas was the mother of two twin boys. When she fled, she abandoned her sons, who were later thrown into a bracket in the river. According to the legend, a mother wolf reached them from the river and brought them both up. When the boys were older, a gentlemen found them and raised them from then. The two boys, now men, were vary kind towards each other until one day a quarrel came between. Romulus ended up killing his brother Remus and named the city, witch became his, "Rome" after himself.|8;d|UfFBPaGY6MBYlM:

Punic wars

264 BC - 146 BC

Rome and Carthage fought three times, these wars were called the Punic wars. These wars by them self, lasted over 40 years. Although the whole time counting the between time, was 118 years. These wars taught the Romans many different things like the ship bridge, and fighting elephants!


109 BC - 71 BC

Spartacus, a freeman, held a vary eventful life right from the start when he was born at about 109 BC. When he had reached the correct age, he joined the roman army. After a few years he decided the millatary wasn't the place for him, and he ran away. The Romans didn't like it when a solder ran from their army, and soon hunted him down, and made him a gladiator. A gladiator is a man who had limited rights, they were used as intertainment to the public by fighting to the death. While they weren't fighting or in fighting school, they were locked up to prevent run-aways. When Spartacus was about 36 years old, he and 70 other gladiators escaped. They brought their gladiator sords and knifes. Unliking this, a millatary of 3,000 Romans decided to hunt them all down to the death. Spartacus lead his team straight at the Romans from behind, leaving that portion of the army dead. Later a team of 6,000 Romans fought again, again losing. The last battle, when Spartacus was about 38 years, witch was after two years of fighting, the gladiator team fought their last war. Witch was won by the Romans. These are the years of Spartacus.