Audrey Hepburn...Kristen Klein

8B Kristen Klein timeline of Audrey Hepburn

Early Life

Audrey's Early Life


May 4, 1929

Audrey Kathleen van Heemstra Ruston is born in Brussels, Belgium.

Boarding School in England


She is sent off by her mother to boarding school in Kent, England at age 5.

Parents Divorce


After their family was left by their father, Audrey's parents divorced.

Helping with the Dutch Resistance in WWII

1940 - 1945

Audrey helps with the Dutch Resistance in Nazi-occupied Holland while surviving the war.

Personal Life

Audrey's personal life including family, marriages, children, etc.

Engagement to James Hanson

December 4, 1951

Audrey announced her engagement to James Hanson, but called it off because their careers would keep them apart.

1st Marriage: Mel Ferrer

September 25, 1954

Audrey marries Mel Ferrer, an actor from American, in Switzerland.

1st Miscarriage


Audrey has her first miscarriage with husband Mel Ferrer.

2nd Miscarriage


Audrey has her second miscarriage with husband Mel Ferrer.

Birth of Sean Hepburn Ferrer

January 17, 1960

Audrey gives birth to her first son Sean, with husband Mel Ferrer.

Divorce from Mel Ferrer

December 5, 1968

After 14 years of marriage, and being seperated since 1967, Mel and Audrey divorce leaving Audrey with custody of their son, Sean. She only spoke with Mel a few times after, but aside from that they kept no contact.

2nd Marriage: Andrea Dotti

January 18, 1969

Her second marriage was to Italian psychiatrist, Dr. Andrea Dotti.

Birth of Luca Dotti

February 8, 1970

Audrey gives birth to her second son, Luca, with husband Andrea Dotti.

Met Robert Wolders


Audrey met Robert Wolders at a Christmas party in 1979. Although Audrey did not marry him, Robert Wolders was her partner for the last 9 years of her life. He comforted her in her hardest times of family health issues and deaths.

Divorce from Andrea Dotti


After 13 years of marriage, and filing for divorce in 1980, Andrea and Audrey's divorce is finalized. Audrey has custody of Sean and Luca. She still keeps contact with Andrea for the sake of Luca.


January 20, 1993

Audrey Hepburn died in her sleep of colon cancer at 7:00 a.m., at her house in Switzerland. (A photo of Audrey's grave)


First Dance Lessons


Audrey first begins taking ballet classes and dances at the Sadler's Wells Ballet company.

Debuts in High Button Shoes and Sauce Tartare


She is in High Button Shoes and Sauce Tartare as her debut in the London musical theatre.



Audrey played the lead role in her break-out Broadway production of Gigi.

Roman Holiday


Co-staring with Gregory Peck in her first Hollywood film, Audrey acted in Roman Holiday. Her performance got her an Oscar and a Golden Globe Award.



Audrey starred in the Broadway production of Ondine, and she received a Tony Award for her performance.



Breakfast at Tiffany's


Audrey's performance in Breakfast at Tiffany's got her a nomination for an Academy Award for Best Actress.

My Fair Lady


Wait Until Dark


She played a terriorized blind woman in a thriller film. It was very adventurous for her and her career.



She began her work for the United Nations Children's Fund as an ambassador.