Vietnam War

18 November AP Language and Composition period 2

International Events

Versailles Peace Conferance

June 1 1919

France ignored Ho Chi Min's request for equal treatment for the Vietnamese

Creation of Vietnamese Nationalist Party


Indochinese Communist Party


Founded by Ho Chi Minh, and this marked the beginning to the increasing popularity for Communist idealistics in Vietnam.

Japanese Occupation

1940 - 1945

: During WW2 the axis force of Japan occupied Vietnam

Creation of Viet Minh


Ho Chi Minh started an organized militia formally known as the League for Vietnamese Independence

Japanese Surrender

September 2 1945

The Japanese retreated out of Vietnam due to their surrender from World War 2

Declaration of Vietnam Independence

September 2 1945

The nation wanted to be recognized as a sovereign and independent called the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. France and U.S refused to accept this declaration.

First Indochina War

1949 - 1950

France begun violent negotiations to implement their preferred political leaders as well as to hold their occupation in Vietnam.

Communist Party in China


The Communist Party took political control in China.

Victory at Dien Bien Phu


The strong hold of French military was located in a military base located in the mountains of Northern Vietnam. This base was surprise attacked and won over by the North.

Geneva Conference

July 1954

After a huge defeat of a French military base in Dien Bien Phu in the mountains of North Vietnam they decided to end the fighting in the Geneva Conference which ended in July 1954. It split Vietnam at the 17th parallel; Communists controlled the North, and the dynasty leader controlled the South. Elections were promised to be held in July 1956, for South Vietnam.

Tet Offenesive

January 30 1968

The Viet Cong attacked on twenty-seven American military installations all on the same day.

My Lai Massacre

March 16 1968

My Lai was a section of the village of Son My. This city was supposedly the headquarters or “stronghold” of the Viet Cong guerrilla army. The Charlie Company of the American Division's 11th Infantry Brigade were given orders to invade My Lai, and to exterminate all the Viet Cong militia and sympathizers. There was no evidence for any Viet Cong presence in this town but American troops went on to murder 500 innocent and defenseless men, woman and children.


Containment Policy


George Kennan in Moscow who wrote about the Russian tendencies in the “X-Article”, which was featured in the journal of Foreign Affair. Basically, it stated that if the U.S. was to fight communism it needs to instill democracy in neighboring countries of communism, because communism spread geographically.

Aid to France

May 1950

Truman authorized economic as well as military ammunition to supply the French militia stationed in Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

August 19 1964

Lyndon B. Johnson declared the United States into the war, he secured from Congress a functional (not actual) declaration of war


January 1969

Newly elected president, Richard Nixon, announced the withdraw of over 500,000 American troops while handing over the responsibilities of the war to South Vietnam.

Woodstock Music and Arts Festival

August 15 1969 - August 17 1969

This was the beginning of the anti-war movements on the home front. It was a very publicized even that held peace riots, calling for an end of American involvement in the violent war of Vietnam. Most of the attendees were the frontiers to the counter culture movement.

War Powers Resolution

November 1973

Vetoed by President Nixon, this resolution still passed through Congress, implimenting strict guidelines to presidential powers through out war times.

Lieutenant William Calley Sentence


This military officer was in charge of the company responsible for the My Lai Massacre was sentenced for life with crimes of war.