Tim Tebow Through My Eyes - Jack Hogan


Tim Tebow is born


Tim was actually born in the Philippines. He is the youngest of five kids.

Tim lives in Florida

1990 - 2009

He lives in Florida his whole life.


1992 - 2004

He and his siblings were all home schooled. He could still play high school football.

Tim plays baseball

1992 - 1995

He played t-ball before he got into football. Acutely he didn't even hit off a tee, he was the only one in his league that the coach through him the ball,his brothers taught him how to hit.

Tim starts to play football

1995 - 2002

He plays on his first pop warner team.

High School Football

2002 - 2005

Tim is on the varsity team his freshman year.

Where to go

2003 - 2004

Tim starts to get recruiting letters from many schools

Choosing a collage

2004 - 2005

Tim selects to attend the University of Florida.

Florida Football


He spent the 2006 season (his freshman year) as the back up quarterback.

Florida Football

2006 - 2009

He was now the starting quarterback of the 2007 season

Florida Gators win the 2006 National Championship


The Heismen


Tim Tebow won the Heisman Trophy, the award for best player of the session in the whole NCAA. This trophy meant a lot to him.

The NFL Draft


Tim Tebow was invited to the NFL Draft, but wanted to stay home with his family, and friends in Jacksonville, Florida.

Tim Tebow was selected as the 25th pick overall To the Denver Broncos in the 2010 NFL Draft.

The Denver Broncos


He starts training with the Denver Broncos right after he was drafted. He was on his first NFL team.