Intellectual Property/Copyright in Micro-Breweries


Babolyonian Clay Tablets

4300 BC

The Code of Hummurabi

1772 BC

the 6th babolonian king. you shall not steal is in this code.

Greeks Pirate Beer Recipes from Babolyonians

800 BC

Rome Pirates Greek Pirated Babolyonian Recipes

350 BC

Rome Expanded Empire

250 BC

therefore, brew information spread

Printing Press

1300 - 1400

Dr. Alexander Nowell discovers ale can be stored longer


in corked, glass bottles

Licensing of the Press Act


by charles the 2nd of england

US has Copyright in Constitution


for a set amount of time, it would expire


1920 - 1933

Copyright Act of Canada

1921 - 2012

amended in 1988 and 1997.
attempts to amend it in 2005 and 2011 but the bills failed because of political opposition.


1939 - 1945

immigration started

Immigration from Europe

1945 - 1960

they brought ideas

Bill C-11

2011 - 2012

titled the Copyright Modernization Act and was passed on june 29th 2012.

Laws for Micro-breweries


you cant copyright a recipe, or the ingredients. you can copyright the final product/expression

Americans File Freedom of Information Request


for the recipe of the white house brew