Dwayne Johnson


Date of birth

May 2 1972

This was the day Dwayne Johnson was born.

Graduation from college High school giant


This was the year that Dwayne graduated from college with his bachelor degree of criminology and physiology.
In high school people thought he s an undercover police officer because he was 6'4 and 225 pounds in high school

End of a football career

March 10th 1996

This was when Dwayne Johnson's football career came to a halt.

wrestling career

March 10th 1996 - Approx. 2004

March 10th 1996 was when the Rock started his wrestling career and got his famous in ring name The Rock


May 3rd 1997

This was Dwayne Johnson's first wife.

First movie stunt double in the family

May 4 2001

This was the first movie Dwayne Johnson was ever in. This was what started his movie career.
for insurance puposes Dwayne has a stunt double it's his own nephew

First child

August 14 2001

This was the first child that Dwayne had he had his daughter with his ex-wife.

He was put into the guinness world record book he was put in there a second time may 21 2015


Dwayne was put into the guinness book of world records for highest paid actor in first starring role.
he was put in the book again for most selfies taken in three minutes

Divorce also dunkin no donots


In 2007 Dwayne Johnson divorced his first wife Danny Garcia
He was offered to have a doughnut named after him by dunkin donots but declined the offer

Second child and new tattoo design

2015 - 2017

Dwayne has his second child with his long time girl friend Lauren Hashian.
Dwayne gave his iconic bull tattoo a whole new make over on August 11th 2017.