Alexander Hamilton


Date of Birth

Jan 11, 1755

Alexander Hamilton was born on the date of January 11, 1755 in the West Indies British owned islands of Nevis through his parents James Hamilton and Rachel Lavien.

The Death of His Mother

Feb 19, 1768

Alexander's mother dies due to yellow fever. Alexander is also very sick at this time.

Political Start

Jan 1, 1774

Hamilton begins his studies in King College (Columbia University). During this time, Hamilton had also written his first political pamphlet, "A Full Vindication of the Members of Congress."

The American Revolutionary War

Apr 19, 1775

The first shots of the American Revolution are fired at the battles of Lexington and Concord. Soon after this event, Alexander Hamilton joins the New York State provincial militia.

Battle of Monmouth

June 28, 1778

During the Battle of Monmouth , Alexander Hamilton had his horse shot down from under him. These battles that Hamilton had participated in made him a efficient soldier and leader.

Alexander Hamilton Married Elizabeth Schuyler

Dec 14, 1780

Alexander Hamilton meets Elizabeth Schuyler, and they deeply fall in love. They then decide to marry each other.

The Constitutional Convention

May 1, 1787

Alexander Hamilton participated in the Constitutional Convention among many other delegates from other states; however, due to the lack of success he had hoped to achieve through the convention, he went to practice law in New York.

The Constitution

June 6, 1788

Alexander Hamilton and the other Federalists delegates are opposing those who declined the idea of the Constitution being passed. Through Hamilton's good and powerful speech, he was able to get the Constitution passed once 11 of the thirteen colonies had ratified the document. The Constitution had become the governing document of the American colonies.

Secretary of Treasury

Sep 14, 1789

George Washington becomes the first President of the United States. He elects Alexander Hamilton to be the first Secretary of the Treasury. During this time, he devises a plan to restore the nation's poor financial situation.

The Death of Alexander Hamilton

July 11, 1804

Alexander Hamilton is mortally wounded in the duel against Aaron Burr. He will die the next day after suffering from physical agony.