Biblical Events


Ancestry Stories

1800 BCE - 1500 BCE

This is the times when ancestry stories were passed down through oral traditions

Birth of Moses

1576 BCE

Moses was born, and was saved by his mother by being put in a basket in the Nile


1496 BCE - 1456 BCE

Crossing of the Jordan

1456 BCE

Joshua lead Gods people across the Jordan into promised land

Dividing of the Promised land

1451 BCE

the land was dividend amongst the 12 tribes of israel

Judges Begin to Lead Israel

1426 BCE

archeological evidence of Israel in land

1290 BCE - 1250 BCE

frist evidence of tent structures that have been associated with the Jewish peoples moving into promised land

Genisis, Exodus, Leviticus, and numbers written

1250 BCE - 1200 BCE

Joshua, Judges Written

1250 BCE - 1200 BCE

Deuteronomy written

1250 BCE - 1200 BCE

approximate dates of when the deuteronomy was written

Ruth written

1100 BCE - 1000 BCE

United monarchy

1100 BCE - 922 BCE

Saul anointed by Samuel

1100 BCE

David anointed by Samuel

1060 BCE

Solomon anointed

1020 BCE

Solomon builds temple

1016 BCE

First Olympic games take place

776 BCE

Amos, Hosea, Isaiah, Jeremiah written

750 BCE - 585 BCE

Assyria attacks syro-palestin

750 BCE

Ahaz begins Reign

742 BCE

Israel pays tribute to Palestine

738 BCE

kings occupied in east

734 BCE - 733 BCE

israel tries to get kings of judah to join against assyria

Assyria destroyed Israel because of Ahaz, judah survives

721 BCE

Judah almost overrun

701 BCE

Jerusalem survies brought on theology that israel will be spared by god

Samuel 1&2 kings 1&2 witten

700 BCE - 600 BCE

Babylon besieges Israel

606 BCE

Babylon vs. Egypt, Babylon wins

605 BCE

Revolts against Babylon, first deportation

597 BCE

Second Revolt, massive deportation, Jerusalem destroyed

587 BCE

3rd revolt, assiasination of babylon governor

582 BCE

more armies came through

Buda lived

563 BCE - 483 BCE

Persia concurs Babylon, Return form Exile

539 BCE

Clechblizar pre-planned returning renovations

538 BCE

Cyrus decrees rebuilding of temple

536 BCE

Phoenicians use Two Mast sail boasts

500 BCE

First Marathon ran by Pheidippides

490 BCE

Third return of jews, persia sent funds to rebuild and back them

445 BCE - 430 BCE

Dead Sea Scrolls written

408 BCE

Alexander the Great enters Judah, Hellenism

322 BCE

Maccabean war begins, forbid Torah

167 BCE

KIngdom of Judah independence

165 BCE - 63 BCE

Temple reclaimed by rebel Jew's, Hanukkah

165 BCE

Roman general pompey enters, begin roman rule

63 BCE

Birth of Jesus Christ


Christ begins Ministry

29 AD

Jesus's death and resurrection

33 AD

Call of paul the apostle

37 AD

Mark, Matthew, Luke, John written

40 AD - 60 AD

letters of paul start being written

50 AD

Jewish revolt agains roman empire

66 AD

gospels written

70 AD

romans destroy temples after another revolt

70 AD

Mt Vesuvius erupts

79 AD

disciples have break with synagogues

80 AD - 85 AD

Algebra is commonly used

200 AD