Bleaching of Coral Reefs


The Environmental Policy Act

1969 - Present

one of the first laws ever passed to protect the environment of the US

The Clean Air Act

1970 - Present

-focuses on the control of air pollution
-ability for the EPA to establish air quality standards to protect public health and welfare.

Clean Water Act

1972 - Present

-basic framework legislation on water regulations in the US.
-regulates water quality and how pollutants are discharged into the water.

The Endangered Species Act

1973 - Present

sets up a program for endangered species of plants and animals to preserve them and make sure they aren't in danger in their habitat.

Key Largo Marine Sanctuary is established

1975 - Present

Coral Reef Warning System

1981 - Present

Buoys used to measure air temp. wind speed and direction, barometric temp. sea temp. salinity, and tide levels- sent to scientists to understand what may be causing the bleaching of coral reefs.

Looe Key National Marine Sanctuary is established

1981 - Present

The Pollution Prevention Act

1990 - Present

cost effective changes that industries and businesses could make that could help reduce pollution.

Coral Reef Task Force (CRTF) established


President Bill Clinton established the Coral Reef Task Force

The Coral Reef Conservation Act

2000 - Present

created to preserve, sustain, and restore the condition of coral reef ecosystems

The NOAA Coral Reef Conservation Program

2000 - Present

created by the coral reef conservation act for the protection of coral reef systems. Focuses on: climate change (including ocean acidification), land-based sources of pollution, and unsustainable fishing practices.